Wilkinson-Zahn Genealogy

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The Davenports/Devenports


Our family used Devenport rather than Davenport until recent times. The earliest ancestor on our line with this name is Peter Devenport. Married in 1807 to Sarah Huntley, Peter lived in the East Lyme/Lyme area of Connecticut until his death in 1832. It is quite possible that his wife, Sarah, remarried in 1833 and had a daughter with her second husband. Source: Family Bible Records from Ellen Jacobus, Elmira, NY

Sarah and Peter had 8 children-2 sons and 6 daughters. Ambrose, born 1808, is the only one of the eight children that no information can be uncovered. Fanny, born 1810, married Stephen Chadwick of East Lyme; Ruth married John Gurley in 1823. Mary, 1818, married a Roath; Sarah, 1823, married Edmund Huntley; Betsey born 1826, married Orris Brewster in Tioga County, PA; Esther, 1829, married William Updike, and Spicer, born 1815, married first, Prudence Cornelia Brewster in Norwich, CT in 1834, second Isabelle Disbrow Arnott after Prudence's death 1859. Source: Family Bible Records from Ellen Jacobus, Elmira, NY; marriage records Norwich, CT, pension files of Giles Gurley and Esther Updike.


Ruth and John's marriage Source: NARA, Washington, DC