Wilkinson-Zahn Genealogy

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Family Pictures

My family

The Wilkinson Family

Norma born 1918 with her sister, Arline born 1920. Norma married in 1937 and had several children. Arline married in 1941 and had two children.

The Fields Family

Fields/Fournier Wedding

Bride Margaret Fields and Groom Edgar Fournier
Cecelia Fields, sister of the bride and Emory Carroll, best man.

Fields/Blanchard Wedding

Monica Fields married Eugene Blachard. They had five children.

Catherine Veronica Fields was married to Ernest Heibel. They had three children. Cathleen is buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, West Warwick, RI.

The Marthers family

Alfred and Emily Marthers were married in Waterford, CT 1872. Emily was the daughter of Alden Mather and Emily Ingraham. Alfred was the son of James G. Marthers and Fannie Powers. They had five children-Marion, Charles, Alice, George and Harry. Emily died in Norwich, CT 1932; Alfred in Norwich, CT 1938. They are buried in East Lyme, CT.

My husband's family

The Zahn family

Ida Fehlauer and her second husband, Emil Zahn emigrated from German in 1903. They lived in Philadelphia, PA. Their family grew and became life-long Flyers fans!

The Whitford Family

The Whitford family arrived in the US in 1887 with the arrival of Edward Whitford. He married Sophie Simcox. They had four sons. Edward moved to Philadelphia after the sale of his farm and the death of Sophie. They are buried in Scranton, PA.

The Weisenfluh Family

Possibly Rose Weisenfluh, daughter of Henry Weisenfluh, Scranton, PA

This picture was enlarged in a crazy way. The original photo was in a tiny brass pocketwatch fob that was 3/4 x 3/4 of an inch. Using a magnifying glass in one hand and a digital camera in the other, I took several shots before I could get this picture clear and enlarged.