Wilkinson-Zahn Genealogy

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Family Surnames

Here are some names I am researching...

Family Research

John Wilkinson and his descendants from Preston, CT is one familial line that I have been researching. I am also researching the Zahn family of Philadelphia, PA and Frankfort on the Oder, Germany.

My favorite research lines are the ones that have been brick walls. This includes my Davenport, Peters, and Wilkinson lines.

Harry James Wilkinson

This picture of my dad was taken in the early 1940's. I love the smile and the suspenders!

Family Lines

Here's a list of other family lines I am researching:

The Marthers Family of New London and Middletown, CT
The Mather Family of East Lyme, CT
The Gee Family of East Lyme, CT
The Caswell and Rodman Families of Preston and Mystic, CT
The Carroll/Rufiange Family of West Warwick, RI, New Bedford, MA, Putnam, CT, and St. Hyacinthe, Quebec
The Fields/Chandonnais Family of West Warwick, RI, Pawtucket, RI, and Wolfe County, Quebec
The McCarron and Goodwin Families of Pawtucket, RI and Ireland
The Whitford, Jones, and Weissenfluh families of Scranton and Philadelphia, PA
The McKay and Wilson Family of Philadelphia, PA and Scotland
The Fehlauer and Zahn family of Germany and Philadelphia, PA