Wilkinson-Zahn Genealogy

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My favorite genealogical links

Roots Web

New London County Web Page

New London Day (newspaper)

Norwich Bulletin (newspaper)

Cyndi's List

Connecticut Society of Genealogists

New England Historic Genealogical Society

National Society of Genealogists

American Franco Genealogical Society

Genealogy Bank (It's great if you love newspapers!)


Roots Television (Megan rocks!)

Good news! Google has back issues of The Day back to 1880. Keep checking back often as they are adding back issues all the time. Here's a quick link to access it.

Google back issues

Should this link not work then go to Google/News/Advance Search. Once you see the search page, look for "Archives Search." Click that link and when the next search page comes up, click "advance archives search." Put the words "The Day" in the source box and start searching. I found over 50 hits on my family.

And of course, Ancestry

Did you see Faces of America on PBS.org? Great show!