Wilkinson-Zahn Genealogy

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Robbinsville NJ

R-ville! A Great place to live and visit.

Today Robbinsville is the name of the township that was formerly called Washington Township. A bedroom community to Philadelphia and New York it is the fastest growing township in New Jersey.


Robbinsville, the former Washington Township, is the name of the township situated at exit 7A on the New Jersey Turnpike. The township was established in 1859 and was a part of East Windsor prior to this date. The township as well as the townships of East and West Windsor can trace its "roots" to a land grant from Colonial Times.

For many generations it was the home of the Uname people (Turtle Clan) of the Lenni Lenape. Artifacts from these people have been found throughout the township. When Pond Road Middle School was being built arrowheads and pottery shards were discovered on the land where this school was built.

Visit Richard "Hutch" Hutchinson's site for images of articfacts. Scroll down to the bottom of the page... http://www.richardshutchinson.com/photogallery/photo00026576/real.htm

Today Robbinsville's Town Center is changing the community and meeting the needs of the people who have discovered this little town is a great place to live.

Interested in seeing sites from Robbinsville's past? Visit this interactive map... Mrs. Z.'s Map of Robbinsville